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Setting up your Free Mail Account

With any Domain Name purchase Siteopia provides you with a fully featured Email Plan to kick start your professional communications.


Here is a quick overview of how to set up your Free Mail Account.

1. Login to your Siteopia Control Panel: https://cp.siteopia.com/login

2. From the Dashboard page, click on the ‘My Services’ Tab on the top navigation bar.

3. Here you will see a list of your domain names,  click on the domain name you would like to set up email for.

4. You are now in the ‘Manage Domain’ Screen.  At the bottom of this screen you will see a section called ‘Additional Services’.  Email is the top Service, unless you have a paid for email account on your domain name, the service you will see here is ‘Free Mail’ available on all domain names.

5. Click ‘Edit’ next to the Email row

6. You are now into the ‘Manage Free Mail’ Page

7. To set up a Mail Box on your domain click on the ‘Add Mail Box’ button in the Mailboxes section.  Here you can create your Mail Box address which could be anything from info@yourdomainname, sales@yourdomainname or even support@yourdomainname .

8. If you want to set up another address you should click the ‘Add Address Mapping’ button. Here you can add up to 5 email addresses by entering your choice of name into the text box. You then select the mailbox where you want these emails to be sent to.

To view you mail on any web browser, you can go to our Webmail service here: http://webmail.siteopia.com/ and using your mailbox name as your username and the password you have created for this account

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Sarah is a qualified marketing professional with over 8 years commercial experience. Having spent the last 5 years within Internet and technology focused industries she joined Siteopia in 2011. You can follow Sarah on LinkedIn and
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