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Get started building your own website

Step 1

The first thing you should select is a template for your website, you can change any aspect of the template including images when you are within the edit section. It's useful to think carefully about the style of the template you select to make sure it matches your business. If you are thinking of creating an online travel blog for example you may want to select a template that looks similar to a log or as a business you may want to select a more professional template style for your website.

When you start building your website in the preview mode you will find options to change the color scheme of your sites template. Select the color option that you want to apply and it will be applied to your chosen template.

Step 2

SiteBuilder uses an easy drag and drop interface meaning you can edit your websites pages really quickly. Using the menu editing feature you can make changes to your website across your whole site so you don't have to update each page in turn. From here you can create new pages, name them and position them in the order you wish them to show across your site. To add pages to your site, simply go to 'pages' and click the add page button.

Don't worry if your not sure of your page positioning's yet or even what pages you might want on your website. At any point during within the editing you will see a floating editor box on your webpage. This box allows you to edit font sizes, font styles positions and attributes. You can.

Step 3

Congratulations you now have the basis of your own website, built all by yourself! Why not click the preview button at the top of the edit pages and check out how others will view your website.

Now you have set up your initial pages it's time to take a look at adding functionality, such as add text, images, widgets, checkouts, videos or even some members only pages to your website.

Adding / Editing text

To add or edit content within a particular area on your website simply click on the area that you wish to amend. You will see a box appear surrounding the element. To add text just start to type within the box- it really is that simple. If you wish to move a box just drag it to the new position, re-size just pull up or down the corners. Once you are happy with the text you have entered, just press the save button, if you try to move to a different page SiteBuilder will prompt you to save your changes.

Uploading an image

Now that you are well underway with building your website you may want to add an image. Click on the insert button, select the type of picture you want to enter, it may be a Gallery, a Slideshow, passport size or you may even want to apply special effects. Select Files and choose the picture that you want to add. It's as easy as that! Now your new website is even more personal.

Read our SiteBuilder Beginners Guide for more information.

SiteBuilder Beginners Guide
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