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  • Storage Space

    Storage Space

    Web storage space is the amount of disk space on our server that is allocated to your website. Your storage is made up of the total quantity of text files, images, scripts, databases, emails and other files related to your website.

  • Websites


    Website allowances indicate the number of websites you can build on that package. If you need to build multiple websites, choose our designer plan to create up to 10 websites.

  • Bandwidth


    Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that website visitors can download from your website. Any files downloaded from your website to your computer count towards your monthly bandwidth allowance.

  • Web Pages

    Web Pages

    Webpages refer to the number of website pages you can create on your new website. You may choose to create pages such as a homepage, contact us, services and a blog.

    • Free Email Package

      Free Email Plan

      All of our SiteBuilder plans come with a free correlating email plan giving you professional, secure management over your domain names email.

    • Email Aliases

      Email Aliases

      An email alias looks just like an email address, but actually represents an alternative name of the original name of a mailbox. Emails sent to your alias for example info@your-domain.com or sales@your-domain.com are automatically redirected to your mailbox. You can give out email aliases to suit the area of your business, you may have sales@, contact@ info@, and you will receive the mail from all these addresses within your one mailbox.

    • Mailboxes


      A mailbox is the location where the email you receive is stored. Your Mailbox limits are the number of accounts you can create across your domain names.

    • Mail Storage

      mail Storage

      When you receive email, the messages take up disk space on our mail servers. The storage allowances refer to the amount of space you are allocated on our server for your email.

    • UK Customer Support

      UK Customer Support

      Expert, friendly UK phone and email support is provided free of charge on all our plans.

    • Google Tools

      Google Tools

      SiteBuilder allows you to easily integrate your site with Google tools, including Google Analytics for in depth analysis of your website and visitor statistics.

    • Ecommerce Tools

      Ecommerce Tools

      SiteBuilder contains integrated ecommerce functionality that allows you to easily set up an online shop. Input your products and add checkout functionality to your sites pages.

    • Shop


      You can link your SiteBuilder website to your PayPal account to securely manage your online website sales.

    • Multiple Administrators

      Multiple Administrators

      You may have multiple people working on your website, or may be designing sites for other people. Multiple administrators allow you to create unique logins for individual users.

    • Mobile Checkout

      Mobile Checkout

      Allows your customers to use your checkout via the mobile web.

    • Members Only Pages

      Members Only Pages

      If you want to restrict user access across some of your website pages you can create page specific permission levels to do so.

    • Multiple Domians

      Multiple Domians

      If you own more than one domain name, or have friends, family or clients looking to build a website, you can create multiple sites across a number of different domain names.

    • Price Per Year

      Price Per Uear

      Pay for your plan yearly and get two months free

    • Biennial Price

      Biennial Price

      Pay for two years and receive four months free


  • £ 4 .99 monthly

    Perfect for Beginners
    Build your own website with easy to use interactive tools.

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  • 500MB

  • 1

  • 20GB

  • Unlimited

    • Personal Mail

    • 25

    • 5

    • 1.25GB

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 20 Products
    • £49.90

    • £99.80

  • More Detail


  • £ 9 .99 monthly

    Great for Businesses
    Create a professional website
    in minutes.

    Most Popular
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  • 2.5GB

  • 1

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

    • Group Mail

    • Unlimited

    • 20

    • 5GB

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 50 Products
    • Yes

    • £99.90

    • £199.80

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  • £ 19 .99 monthly

    Ideal for Designers
    Multi-domain SiteBuilder
    packed full of features.

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  • 5GB

  • 10

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

    • Business Mail

    • Unlimited

    • 50

    • 25GB

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 150 Products
    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • £199.90

    • £399.80

  • More Detail

SiteBuilder is packed with many advanced features and tools that you can simply drag and drop onto your site.

Whether you're a business, setting up an online shop, or just looking to share a hobby or interest, SiteBuilder has everything you need, including hosting, a domain name and even your own email account. It's the only tool you will ever need to build and grow your online business.

Some of SiteBuilder Key Features

  • Complete Design Control

    Complete Design Control

    Select from a template library of professional designs and using the fully interactive tools customise the layout, content and images for your site. Add your own images, music, text and links quickly and easily. SiteBuilder's toolbar even gives you the ability to add in discussion boards, chat rooms, news feeds and members only pages.

  • Jargon Free Software

    Jargon Free Software

    The easy to use interface and jargon free tools give you everything you need to create your website. Add, delete or amend pages to suit your site, insert, crop, rotate or animate images and choose from a host of colors and fonts.

  • Set Up Shop

    Set Up Shop

    Use the integrated shop setup widget to add products and categories. Link to PayPal and you really can start selling straight away.

  • Total Control

    Total Control

    With our unique and easy to understand Control Panel, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to make updates and alterations to your site in just a few clicks. You can create whole new sections, add news or change images all in just a few clicks without worrying that you're going to bring the web site crashing down around you. And all this from within your browser!

  • Get Plugged In

    Get Plugged In

    We've got a whole host of tools and widgets that you can drag and drop into your website, from social media feeds to multimedia tools for video. These great plug ins will allow you to incorporate online gadgets and multimedia into your site with minimal fuss.

  • Socialise

    Get Out and Socialise

    Using our social media integration tools you can ask users to like your site or they can even register with their Facebook login information. Search engines like Google play a key part in attracting visitors to your site. All sites built with SiteBuilder are search engine friendly and our tools automatically 'select' your content so that it is easy for search engines to read it.

  • Get Found Online

    Get Found Online

    SiteBuilder includes SEO friendly templates, Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to help you achieve more from your website.

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