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Check out our 6 top tips for helping you choose your perfect domain name from Sitopia.

Memorable, Simple & Short

Try to search for a memorable name that your visitors won't forget. To reach your website, visitors will need to remember your address and they will have to type it correctly into their web browser.

If the spelling of your domain name address is complicated and confusing, your visitors will have less chance of remembering your address and how to reach your site.

If your site or online business trades or is based around a specific subject try to think of a related domain name that is associated to your sites content.

Rules and Regulations

Some domain names have specific domain registration criteria, and you should check out the requirements during the registration process.

Domain names of .com, .net, and .org must meet these requirements: They cannot exceed 67 characters, including the characters in the suffix. Only letters, numbers, or hyphens are allowed. A domain name may not begin or end with a hyphen.

Be Quick!

Once you've come up with your domain name, be sure to register it quickly before someone else snaps it up. If you think it's a great name, chances are that somebody else does too. Domain name registrations change minute by minute so be sure to register your domain name as soon as you can.

Be Found Easily

Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to reach your website, by considering registering common miss-spelling or the plural variations of your domain name.

If your visitors could easily miss-spell your domain name then it's worth registering these versions and pointing them to your main site. This way you'll know that you are capturing all of your potential visitors.

Protect Your Name

Now you've thought of you're ideal domain name, registering the same domain name in a variety of extensions is a great way to protect your brand.

If both the and .com are available in your chosen name we highly recommend that you register them both. We also suggest considering registering the .net, info or .eu suffixes.

Registering different versions of your domain name helps to prevent cybersquatting and loss of visitors through people typing an incorrect version of your domain name.

Check Out The Competition

If you have your heart set on a domain name it's worth checking the websites of those who may use the same name with an alternative extension. For example if you register the version of your domain name, it could be that a website already exists on the .com version. If this is the case, you could lose out on valuable visitors if they entered the incorrect extension when typing in your domain name.

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