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Register your domain name securely and protect
your identity with Domain Privacy.

Correctly registering a domain name requires you to supply 'registrant details' which include your name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is then available to others when an online WHOIS search is performed on the domain name.

It is possible for this information to be gathered by data miners or spammers and even used in identity theft. However, with Domain Privacy, we can hide your personal data which eliminates the risk of unsolicited attention. Simply add it when you do a Domain Search or from within your Control Panel.

Domain Privacy Features

  • Manage in your Control Panel

    Manage in your Control Panel

    Existing customers can add and configure Domain Privacy from within the Control Panel or you can order it when purchasing new domain names from

  • Nominet Domains Opt Out

    Nominet Domains

    If the Registrant/Owner of a is an 'Individual', you can use the free opt-out service from within the Siteopia Control Panel.

  • Domain Privacy

    Peace of Mind

    Hiding your personal details avoids identity theft, spammers and even helps safeguard your domain name from being stolen or transferred away.

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